Wednesday, 2 March 2011

How to delete (freelotto) account or prevent from receiving spams

Long story short:
1. Open a link from your free lotto spam mail. (click any links or images in the email)
2. find EDIT PROFILE and click it.
3. instead of putting your password find forgot my password button and click.
4. Go back to

One thing you need to know: is a scam. if you're here, I guess you know that already.

If you're receiving daily spam emails from because you played the lotto game for some free stuff, here's a way to delete the account on

First, you need to open one of the spams you received in your email. You'll see several links in the email, and click one of those. That'll take you to the website. The reason you need to open this from the spam you received is because otherwise you'll have to type up your some obscure id and password. The id is something you can never guess because it's auto-generated by the site and users never realise the existence of it.
Anyway, if you are on the website, on the top of the page you'll see several buttons, and click one that says "EDIT PROFILE"

If you go to the page, you'll be asked to enter password, again (I think) it's auto generated, so you have no idea what to put. However you can find the password clicking "forgot my password" below the page. Then your password will be sent to your email.

here I noticed one thing. After the email containing the password was sent to my email, I went back to the website, and it showed

Sorry but you are no longer eligible to play FreeLotto.
The userid you have selected is currently unsubscribed from the FreeLotto e-mails. In accordance with the FreeLotto Rules and Privacy policy, a user must be Subscribed to FreeLotto's Emails in order to play and win.
To begin playing FreeLotto immediately and to be resubscribed to the FreeLotto emails

I guess that did the work. At least I hope so. I'll see how it goes and update again. 

That worked! I no longer receive spam emails from


  1. Thx your a blessing

  2. thanks so much can please tell me is that meains that I can not play freelotto again if its that then I am very happy because I don't like playing freelotto

  3. thank you sooo much.... please is it possible to show me a short way on how to delet my facebook account.

  4. I lost the 15 omani riyal is fake
    Scam Scam Scam